3 Easy Face Paint Design Ideas for Kids

Kids love face paintings and parents usually adore seeing the, in fun painted characters like a popular cartoon or an animal. It is a fun way to dress up without the expense or hassles of costumes.

Before you begin face painting your children, here are a few guidelines you need to follow:

1. Do not use oil based face paints. These are easy to smear, tough to remove and might irritate your child’s skin by clogging the pores.2. Use a makeup sponge or a sift-bristled brush by dipping in water and start painting.3. Get non-toxic, fabric-based sparkle fof a sassy finish.

Here are three easy face paint design ideas that your children will love as well:

Clown Face

1. With a sponge or brush, draw a nice black triangle above and below the child’s left eye.2. Draw medium sized red circles on each of your cute kid’s cheeks and finish off with a mini-hat.

Mermaid Face

1. Use a sponge blue face paint over both the eyes and then continue to the forehead.2. With a sponge or brush, paint a small white shell in the center of the forehead and make creative scales (or even “U” shapes) on the blue part of the forehead. Outline the whole thing in black paint.3. Draw a straight black line on both the eyelids, followed by two straight black lines at the corner of each eye of your kid. Use a few starfish hairpins for the final look.

Tiger Face

1. Take a sponge and apply white face paint around the eyes.2. Then apply some bright orange face paint all over the cheekbones, nose and also between the brows.3. Use a nice, thick new paintbrush to create tiger stripes neatly on the forehead and both the cheeks. On the base of your child’s nose, make a tiny heart shape in black colour. 4. Make an outline of the entire white paint with some black paint. Lace cat ears can be found online.